I started working at Forever living products in August 2015.

I lived in Ireland in a beautiful countryside working as a debuty manager in retail. My weeks were just full of work and I also worked all weekends and public holidays. I liked the job a lot and the thought of starting something new took me a long time. I read about aloe vera, this company and industry for a year before making my decision.

What is Forever living products? It's the worlds largest aloe vera company. It was founded 1978. The main ingredient to the products is aloe vera.

This company owns the aloe fields (more than 50million plants) ,and to ensure the best quality the whole process is owned by Forever and us that work for this family business buy the products straight from Forever. 

Forever is a opportunity to ordinary people to get more income without investing money or taking risks.

Everything at Forever is very open and I have visited the head office, factories and the Skandinavian office multiple times.

I appreciate the fact that Forever is family business and environmental values are important and have been since 1970s, way before it was trendy to think about the environment.

2015 I didn't understand how taking on another job would help me get more free time and income but it sure did!

I quit my job in retail 2016 and moved to Finland to be closer to my family.